Nutritional Medicine

Nutritional medicine consultations rely heavily on food and diet as the main prescribing medicine. A full health analysis results in a personalised wellness plan including diet therapy to achieve optimal nutrition. Individualised meal plans, nutritional ratios, recipe formulations, and selected food and brand choices are also complemented with ongoing support and mentoring.


Addressing the fundamentals of health such as optimal nutrition and hydration, daily complementary movement, social and creative outlets, restorative sleep and living in a clean low toxic environment will also be addressed to bring balance back into the body. 

Areas of interest:

- Digestive health


- Gut-Associated mental health

- Weight management

- Therapeutic application of the Ketogenic diet

- Therapeutic application of the Mediterranean and DASH diet

- Individualised meal plans

- Food intolerance/sensitivities/allergies

- Autoimmune conditions

- General health and well-being

- Stress management

Testing Available:

- Microbiome mapping 

- BIA Body Composition

- DNA analysis 

- Food intolerance panel

- Functional pathology

- Environmental Toxicity

Oasis Integrative Medicine 

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