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My own health struggles forced me to make eating well a big priority. I became immensely intrigued by the positive effects of foods, or conversely, the negative effects.


This curiosity led me down a path of studying a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutritional Medicine, where I became utterly engorged in the science of food. Here, I truly learn that food can be the most potent source of medicine or the slowest form of poison. 


Once I stepped into practising, my true north quickly became emphasising diet therapy as an essential part of disease management. Working alongside a team of doctors, we were surprised at the considerable impact nutrition, and lifestyle changes can make. 

I would love to work with you to get to the bottom of your health issues and to make unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyle choices a thing of the past!

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Fad diets are confusing,

While juggling a busy lifestyle or navigating your way through a health journey, knowing what is suitable for your individual body can often seem impossible! 
I get it, and I am here to guide and support you every step of the way.

My passion is improving my clients' relationship with food. My method is to reframe your thoughts around food and build up your innate intelligence to take control of your own health. My goal is to gradually rewire your brain and change your attitude and thoughts about eating step by step, bite by bite.

I also believe that food intake isn't just about putting foods in our mouths. It's about our motivation to eat, our emotional connection with food and how, why and when we eat. This belief led me to spend a lot of my time delving into the science and physiology of changing habits—everything from why people form habits and the psychology around breaking and creating new ones. We will work together to identify patterns that aren't serving you anymore and develop new and sustainable habits you can apply for years to come. 

One of the biggest challenges of nutrition is consistency and staying on course. I will keep you on track with accountability meetings and follow-ups so we can build on what's worked and throw away what hasn't. I want to save you time and money by making this the last time you ever have to see a nutritionist!

Testing available

Microbiome Mapping
Food Intolerance Panel
Body Composition
Functional Pathology
DNA Analysis
Vaginal Microbiome

Patient history

It’s important for me to understand why you’re here, what your long term weight or general health goals are and how I can use my expertise to help you.

How it works


meal plan

I use advanced testing methods to determine your body fat percentage, bone mass, hydration testing so I can understand your body's specific health needs.

Your meal plan will include nutritional ratios, recipe formulations, and selected food and brand choices to bring your body into a state of optimal nutrition and hydration.

Accountability and follow-ups

Sticking to a meal plan is extremely challenging; it’s no surprise 95% of diets fail. I believe in providing my patients support to keep you from falling off the wagon.

I've been on a weight loss journey with Greta and I've gained back my confidence and I'm feeling fantastic in my own skin again! The past two months have been the EASIEST, most rewarding and satisfying, it hasn’t felt hard for a day. Thank you, Greta, for all your help and guidance, it's been WONDERFUL. I feel that I’ve finally been given my life back!”


—  Lisa C.

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