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Let's Work Together 

1. Book an Appointment

Find the right appointment that suits you. From the link below you can select a face-to-face appointment or opt for online from the comfort of your own home. 
You will be able to see my availabilities and from there find a time that suits your schedule.  

2. Fill in Initial Consult form 

Once you have found the right appointment, you will get a welcome email that will run through some vital information. This email will also have an initial consult form for you to fill out. This form allows us to hit the ground running on our first appointment and get stuck into the more important topics. 

3. Appointment Arrival

Now, all that's left to do is turn up to your appointment. Don't worry, I will be sending you a reminder text and email to confirm your appointment. For online appointments, I will send you a Zoom link the day of the appointment. If it's a face-to-face appointment I look forward to seeing you in the practice.

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