All disease begins in the gut
― Hippocrates

Weight Management Backed by Science

About me

My passion for Nutritional Medicine and Colonic Hydrotherapy started when I was little. I was constantly having issues with constipation and relied on heavy doses of laxatives to aid my movements.

I eventually found a clinician who worked with me to bring back regular healthy bowel movements through colonic hydrotherapy and diet/lifestyle changes.

My health journey inspired me to study a Bachelors of Nutritional Medicine and earn my qualifications as a clinical Colonic Hydrotherapist.

Now my philosophy is to make an impact on my clients' health through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and if and when needed Colonic Hydrotherapy. 


Nutritional Medicine

If you're looking to become the best version of yourself and need help with weight management, dietary goals, or custom eating plans, book a free consultation today!

Colonic Hydrotherapy

For anyone who is constipated, low on energy, or is having digestive problems, this age-old treatment will help you detoxify your gut and find relief. Book a session today!

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