2 Week Liver and Gut Detox


Anti-inflammatory diet and Liver and Gut Cleanse  

Eliminate the nasties   |   Eat your greens   |   Protein for breakfast   |   Stay hydrated

An evidence-based approach to liver and gut detoxification

+ An online short consult to help personalise the program

+ 2-week detoxification program 

+ TWO Liver and gut detox powder formulations

        - Practitioner only 

           - Liver detoxification
           - Gut & kidney detoxification

+ BONUS Anti-Inflammatory and Liver detox MEAL PLAN 

        - Including shopping list, meal ideas and recipes 

- Sugar-free

- Gluten-free

- Easy to prepare 

The program targets:

- Improve blood sugar regulation

- Cravings

- Bloating and gas

- Reducing inflammation

- Support healthy weight regulation

- Improve energy levels

- Support detoxification

The main aim of a detoxification protocol is to support the body's detox pathways to reduce the toxic burden on our bodies. Toxins are substances that can interfere with the body's normal processes. They do this by interfering with enzymes, disrupting hormones, blocking nutrient absorption or creating oxidative damage. Simply put, if you think of it like a bicycle wheel, if we don't clean it often, muck and grit build up on the spokes causing it to slow the momentum of the bike down, reducing its performance.


Here are some signs you may benefit from a 2-week protocol:

- Fatigue

- Poor sleep 

- Brain fog

- Weight gain 

- Gut disfunction

- Bloating or gas 

- Poor dietary choices 

- High sugar intake 

- Increased stress/anxiety 

- Cravings

Invest in your health, as its the most valuable investment you will ever make!

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