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The Ketogenic Diet - 3 day challenge

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Improve your health, lose weight & optimise

your performance!

A ketogenic diet can help you burn fat more effectively, regulate blood glucose levels, regulate appetite and improve cognitive function. It has scientific evidence in a huge range of health conditions and is constantly backed by many doctors.

For our entire lives, we have been told that the only source of fuel for our bodies is carbohydrates. However, there is an alternative fuel source our bodies can tap into under the right conditions, that is more efficient and under-utilised. This source is called ‘Ketones’. Ketones are a byproduct of breaking down fat and our cells use these ketones as an alternative energy source.


All of us at some point in our lives have been in a minor state of ketosis!


All of us at some point in our lives have been in a minor state of ketosis (a state of using fat as an energy source), whether it be from an extended time of not eating, an early dinner (5pm) and a late breakfast (10am) or a planned/unplanned fast.

However most people don’t stay in consistent ketosis due to consuming carbohydrates. Therefore instead of breaking down and utilising fat as fuel, the body utilises carbohydrates as its main energy source, storing fat away for when it is needed.

This intelligent utilisation of an alternative energy source, is our body's own evolutionary survival mechanism which has been put in place to withstand famine, fasting or scarcity of food. However this back fired when our society started to over indulge in a calorie rich diet and never slipped into any state of fasting, resulting in an over accumulation of fat, or adipose tissue.

The very first studies of the clinical use of the ketogenic diet dates back to 1920 with its application on epileptic patients, which showed promising results. The effects of the ketogenic diet on many health issues have been widely studied with increasing applications of neurological issues and metabolic illnesses. However the most recent increase in popularity and extremely effective use is with weight management and blood glucose regulation.


But don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself!

With a FREE 3 day ketogenic meal plan!


I challenge you to a 3 day ketogenic reset with my (printable PDF) 3 day ketogenic meal plan. This includes meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, with a high fat and minimal carbohydrate style of eating.

ketogenic-diet-3-day-challenge (2)
Download PDF • 3.93MB

* Please take into consideration that this meal plan was designed for a 30 year old 95kg male, who was not focused on a weight loss goal. Caloric intake is always individualised depending on age, sex and intended health goal.

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