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Optimise your meals to make eating healthy easier.

Let's be real, eating healthy is not complicated. Food marketing, diet fads and processed foods have created all the confusion and complication. ⁠Let's lay down some rules to take the fuss and stress out of eating healthy.

Weekly meal planning is a great way to eat healthy, save money and have more control over what foods are going into your mouth.

Life is full-on, there is no denying that. But knowing it, allows us to put a better framework up to make it have less of an impact. Unfortunately, when life gets stressful, healthy food options are usually the first thing that goes out the window. It doesn't have to be that way... and I'm going to show you how!

1) Do a weekly shop

Make this a routine food shop, and if you don't like food shopping figure out a way that makes it more enjoyable. Do you call a friend while shopping, do you listen to music while shopping, or do you sit at home in your birthday suit and online shop for your food? I don't care what you are into, but this step can not be missed.

2) Invest in a slow cooker

If you have not done this already, it's not time to set up the prep game. #Slowcooking can be an absolute time saver. These are the types of meals that your prep in less than 5 mins in the morning, then "Hey Honey, I'm Home"... your meal is waiting for you.

Also... a secret hidden trick. It's very difficult to screw up a slow cooker meal.

3) Cook in bulk

#Cookinbulk and you will thank yourself later. Buy enough ingredients and double the quantities in the recipes. This means one-time cooking, for multiple meals. What's not to like about that!

For example with curries, make enough for lunch the next day OR to freeze a portion or two.

4) Keep a well-stocked pantry

Having your cupboards filled with stock standards items can save you in the long run.

Here are some great ideas to keep on hand to add to or alongside any dish

#Wholegrains: Brown rice, soda noodles, wholemeal pasta, oats, quinoa,

Others: Rice crackers, nuts, almond butter, peanut butter

Oils: Olive oil, coconut oil,

Fridge: Olives, cheese, miso soup, eggs

Freezer: Frozen berries, edamame beans

5) Making planning a priority

The best way to implement a new habit is to make it a consistent effort. The best way to become great at #mealplanning is to make it consistent.

The above tips are things I help establish with my clients to make planning as minimal as possible, however, now the ball is in your court! It is now down to you putting in the effort to make this a part of your weekly routine.

I have attached a few recipes to get the ball rolling, however, If you are still struggling to get something into place, why don't you get in contact and we can create a personalised Meal Plan for you.

Click HERE if you would like more info.

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